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NeXPlus™ Streaming Media Boxes & STICKS allows you to stream Internet and Local Content to your TV.  The boxes come packed with

  • The latest android operating system
  • Octa core processors
  • Internal Bluetooth
  • Built in LAN and Wifi
  • Extended Storage
  • Google play Access
  • HDMI for the best quality (4K Ultra HD)
  • Free Firmware  Updates

Nnexx Smart TV


Welcome to the new world of home entertainment with NexPlus Devices. NexPlus gives you access to new and popular entertainment with ease. NexPlus is powered by Android with complete streaming media /DVB T2 home entertainment system. It’s the legal  a new way to entertain the family. 

Features of NexPlus  Ultra Thin LED Smart Tvs

  • Energy consumption in kWh per year, based on the power consumption of the television operating 4 hours per day for 365 days. The actual energy consumption will depend on how the television is used.
  • The TV supports DVB reception for ‘Free to air’ broadcast.
  • Google Cast functionality is subject to Google Cast Ready apps and devices.
  • TV Remote app and Smart TV app, Compatibility depends on Wifi Miracast certification & Android 4.2 or later.


NexPlus™ Smart Bracelets

Smart bracelets are the latest hype when it comes to modern gadgets. These state  of the art devices have many advantages that come with smartphones but combined with comfort and simple user interface that can only be matched perhaps by smartwatches.  Features :

  • Compatibe with  latest android / operating system
  • Internal Bluetooth
  • well-designed appearance
  • portable multifunctional smart wristband
  • perfect in: tracking steps, distance measurement, calorie consumption management, monitoring your sleep cycle, time displaying, waking you (for drinking, sitting for too long, waking up) with a silent wake alarm.
  • Stay with you everywhere and keep a health record of your body.

Nx 107 Plus
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